Video Weekly: CE Pros Weigh In on Integrator vs. Installer vs. Technologist Debate

What’s in a name? Or, more specifically, what’s in a Google searchable, web optimized, consumer resonating job title?


CEDIA took a stance, and then Julie Jacobson weighed in. But the question still looms: what should CE pros call themselves? 

CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno recently said CEDIA is dropping the term integrator and that “technologist” is the new term the industry should use to connect with consumers. 

But Julie's point is this:

I’m [not] married to the nebulous “integrator” moniker – of course people don’t search that term to find a home-tech installer. But they certainly don’t search for the term “technologist” either. That sounds to me like someone who tinkers in a lab.

Consumers search for an “installer.” Are CEDIA members too proud to call themselves that?

If we’re going on Google search optimization, “installer” wins, hands down.

But that shouldn’t be the point. What is it that we want to be called? It is up to us to pick a term and make it stick. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be integrator. It can be technologist. It can be hurgmurfle.

CE pros took to the article comments and Twitter to share the discussion and what term they think should define their careers. I took to cracking up about hurgmurfle and trying to get #hurgmurfle started as a trending topic. 

I might be the only one still giggling about the word hurgmurfle days later, but it makes the point loud and clear.

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