Vera from MiOS Introduces 24/7 Professional Security Monitoring and Video Archiving

Vera DIY security and home automation system now includes optional monitoring through Vera Central Monitoring Service.


Las Vegas, Nevada —Vera LTD, the world's leading independent smart home operating systems and controller hub company, is announcing the availability of the new Vera Central Monitoring Service, offering consumers the most flexible, affordable 24/7 home security, fire, and medical emergency monitoring service on the market. With Vera Central Monitoring Service, in the event of an emergency the system will automatically contact police, fire, or ambulance dispatch (in addition to the self-monitored text and e-mail alerts sent to all users.) The fee for Vera Central Monitoring Service is $19.95 per month, without any contract for the service.

“Our goal with this monitoring service is to complement our self-monitored Vera offering with a Central Monitoring Service that does not lock the consumer into any long term commitment,” said Colin McClure, Senior Director of Product Development. “For example, when going on vacation for a month, the consumer can pay only for the month of Central Monitoring while out of town, and then stop the service once back home. Of course, the self-monitoring feature would also continue during the customer’s vacation, but would allow for central monitoring as well so that if there is an emergency at the consumer’s home, emergency services will be dispatched by the central monitoring facility.”

“We asked consumers what they really wanted in an optional central monitoring service add-on,” McClure continued, “to complement features they already have with their Vera controllers. Consumers were asking for flexibility, no contracts, and affordability plus full emergency services, if necessary. That is what our Central Monitoring Service delivers.”

In addition, MiOS is also announcing the Advanced Camera Management Service, now included (at no additional charge) at a basic service level with every Vera home controller, or on a monthly or annual basis for expanded capabilities. The new Advanced Camera Management Service provides cloud storage for video recordings made using the Vera Dashboard, which is the smartphone, tablet and PC browser app controlling a Vera home security and home automation system. Now, from anywhere in the world, users can securely record and retrieve video from their home cameras.

“The flexibility of Vera enables consumers to automatically record video whenever a door is opened or unlocked, or when motion is detected, or when a smoke alarm triggers, or when any other type of event occurs,” McClure said. “And since the recordings are not physically stored in the home, they cannot be destroyed by theft or fire.”

A basic level of Advanced Camera Management Service is included at no additional charge with every Vera controller, including the all-new ultra-compatible VeraPlus, being introduced simultaneously (see “Easy, Compatible VeraPlus Security & Smart Home Controller Hub from Vera”). The basic level of Advanced Camera Management Service includes 1GB of cloud storage. In two additional levels of service, the consumer can purchase, for a minimal monthly or annual fee, from 2GB of data storage to unlimited data storage plus push notifications, hot zoning (triggering alerts when movement is detected within a specified area of the video frame), and connectors to the most popular data storage services.

Both new services will be available in March 2016 for use with the VeraPlus, VeraEdge and legacy VeraLite and Vera 3 home controllers.

About Vera Control
Founded in 2008, Vera Control’s mission is to provide home and small business control solutions that are easier to setup and use than other products on the market. The Vera user experience is focused on solutions that are energy-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable, while at the same time increasing home and small business security. Vera can be managed from anywhere in the world using any connected mobile device or PC.

Vera’s home controllers are built on the MiOS platform.