Vanco Video Q&A: Continuing to Diversify After CEDIA 2017

Vanco’s Mark Corbin outlines plans for continued product develop in its Vanco cable, Evolution amplifiers, Pulse Audio audio distribution and Beale Street Audio loudspeaker lines.


Vanco International’s diversification is not going unnoticed. Following the Beale Street Audio acquisition earlier this year, the company is now structured into four product units.

Vanco — Focus on HDMI cables able to handle 4:4:4, HDR and 4K. “We are quite simply one of the leaders in HDMI cables. We have been making HDMI cables for more than 15 years. We were one of the first companies to the market,” says Mark Corbin, vice president, distribution markets for Vanco.

Evolution — Focused on HDMI distribution, incuding the company’s newly launched EVO-IP product.

Pulse Audio — The company recently debuted several new Class D amplifiers, starting with its PA360 Bluetooth audio device

Beale Street — The newly acquired loudspeaker company with its patented Sonic Vortex technology. Vanco plans to release new speaker products under the Beale Street Audio brand name soon.

“We are very excited about rounding out our entire product line with speakers.”

— Mark Corbin, Vanco

“We are very excited about rounding out our entire product line with speakers,” says Corbin. He admits one of Vanco’s biggest concerns going in to the acquisition was how dealers would react to buying the Beale Street line from distributors, when it was previously sold direct to dealers.

“The response has been excellent. We have had a lot of support from our distributors.  It has made it simple for dealers to go to their distributors and find the product. It is very accessible.”

Corbin also touts Vanco’s recent patent of an HDMI over PoE product, which can transmit signals about 160 feet over Ethernet cable without the need for a power supply beyond the receiver or transmitter.

“We have patented it and we have a whole family of products that will include matrix switchers, splitters and extenders with the Cat 5 PoE technology  built in. It is not HDBaseT,” notes Corbin.