UPDATE: Uberization of Smart Home Services: ‘CEDIA Talk’ Friday at ISE 2018

CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson presents a 20-minute ‘CEDIA Talk’ at ISE 2018 at 10:00am Friday at the CEDIA stand. See the preview here.


As part of the “CEDIA Talk” series of 20-minute presentations at ISE 2018, I'll be presenting “The Uberization of Smart Home Services” at the originally scheduled time: Friday, Feb. 9, 3:00 pm at the CEDIA stand 1-E20 at the front of the hall. 

The concept of “uberizing” the sale and installation of home-automation systems is not a new musing for me. I've long wondered what would happen if home-technology integrators simplified the ordering and installation process for consumers

The theory isn't necessarily to dumb down the pro's offerings, but to standardize them. Today's consumers don't necessarily want cheaper, but they do want the type of convenience and certaintly they get from Uber, Amazon, Warby Parker and most modern-day businesses.

Buying home technology from a traditional integrator is a tedious, unenjoyable, uncertain process. 

That's not us.

Buying home technology from a traditional integrator is a tedious, unenjoyable, uncertain process. It's no wonder consumers instead buy “good enough” solutions from those who simplify the experience.

Can integrators provide a similarly simple experience with “really good” systems and service? I think so.

I am confident creative integrators can build some very interesting business models that reflect today's on-demand, connected, low-touch, no-nonsense economy.

I'll share some ideas, many of which are, well, pretty “out there.”

'CEDIA Talks' at ISE 2018, stand 1-E20

Tuesday 6th February

CEDIA 2017 UK Size and Scope Study

Jack Wetherill, Principal Analyst: Home Electronics, Futuresource Consulting – 11:00

Discover all the important insights from the CEDIA Size and Scope study, along with some key findings in the home electronics space. Find out what these outcomes and trends mean for your business in the coming year, and stay ahead of the competition.

Ageing in Place and Assistive Living Technologies

Peter Aylett, Technical Director, Archimedia – 13:00

As people’s circumstances change through their life, at any age we can face the terrible prospect of no longer being able to live at home safely and with dignity. Increased sensorisation, new natural user interfaces, AI and IoT connected devices are fast changing the landscape of how the integrated technology industry can help in new, and often unexpected ways. This growing sector is a huge commercial opportunity. Come and have your eyes opened to a future where we can profoundly change people’s lives for the better.

Wednesday 7th February

The Future of Video Technology

Michael Heiss, Principal Consultant, M. Heiss Consulting – 10:00

The past few years have seen more changes to video display technology than in the 75 years before that. Where is video going in the next few years and what does that mean for us? 8K, HDR, IP distribution, and direct LED displays, things we haven’t even thought about yet? We’ll take a look at video’s direction with a focus on the changing world of displays, access devices and distribution.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) – What you Need to Know

Matt Samways, BIM Management Director, AIMIS Solutions Limited – 12:00

Currently mandated on all centrally procured UK Government projects, and quickly becoming widespread amongst local authorities and private developers; Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a set of processes and technologies enabling the construction industry to reap the rewards from improved facility performance throughout its life-cycle.  This presentation gives insight into what this means, why it is time to change and how you can benefit from digital construction

If Your Customers Expect All This for Free, They May be Right

Steve Moore, Owner, SMC – 14:00

Say goodbye to €3,000 touch panels and €10,000 matrix switches. Amazon are pursuing, in their words, ‘a scorched earth strategy’ to own the smarthome. That’s your customer’s smarthome. How can you win when you currently earn money by selling product, but the world is moving to an ‘as a service’ model?

Thursday 8th February

IoT and Your Business

David Mudd, Business Development Director (IoT), BSI – 10:00

This Talk will see David share his perspective on the rapid technological advance of the Internet of Things and how it is influencing business today, why you should be considering IoT as part of your portfolio, and which products to choose.

What The Hell is a ‘Blockchain’? Busting the Lid on the Future of Money

Geoff Meads, Managing Director, Presto AV – 12:00

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, right? You know, the crypto currency that has no physical form but somehow has huge (and growing) value? Do you know that Bitcoin is just one of over 200 crypto currencies all using something called ‘Blockchain’ technology? Put simply Blockchain is doing for finance what the internet did for information. In this essential session we’ll uncover the current and future uses of Blockchain technology. Oh, and the future of money…

Improving the Quality of People’s Lives Through IoT

Dave Pedigo, Vice President of Emerging Technologies, CEDIA – 14:00

For most people, technology in the home is often thought of as either a gimmick, a gadget or a way to show off one’s wealth. However, there are plenty of use cases of many new technologies, such as voice control, virtual reality, lighting control and various sensors can be deployed in a way that improve the lives of the home owners at any stage or their lives. Join this talk to look at effective use cases showing how commoditized products can be utilised in clever ways that do-good while being profitable.

Friday 9th February 

Uberization of Things: The Future of Home-Tech Pros in an On-Demand Economy

Julie Jacobson, Founding Editor, CE Pro – 10:00

The CEDIA business has always been a high-touch business — demos, site visits, endless options, over-communication, multiple transactions, and general hand-holding. Today, however, consumers crave everything on demand including transportation, deliveries and home services, all summoned by the press of a button or voice command, with frictionless payment and minimal human interaction. We discuss how the cumbersome home-technology industry can and should adapt to this new on-demand economy.

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Julie Jacobson
Julie Jacobson:

Julie Jacobson is founding editor of CE Pro, the leading media brand for the home-technology channel. She has covered the smart-home industry since 1994, long before there was much of an Internet, let alone an Internet of things. Currently she studies, speaks, writes and rabble-rouses in the areas of home automation, security, networked A/V, wellness-related technology, biophilic design, and the business of home technology. Julie majored in Economics at the University of Michigan, spent a year abroad at Cambridge University, and earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a recipient of the annual CTA TechHome Leadership Award, and a CEDIA Fellows honoree. A washed-up Ultimate Frisbee player, Julie currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and sometimes St. Paul, Minn. Follow on Twitter: @juliejacobson