Test Your CES Knowledge! Take This Short Quiz

Test your memory banks on past Monster concert headliners, technology debuts, award winners and other past CES tidbits.


When you think about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), what immediately comes to mind? For some it might be crowded aisles, gridlocked streets and jammed-packed restaurants, but for many integrators it a chance to see the latest and greatest product technologies for the smart home industry.

But how good are your memories of past CES events? Take this short 6-question quiz below and find out.

In the meantime, the innovation set to be on display at 2018 CES from January 9-12, 2018 will be mind-blowing, and we are not talking about the sensors for detecting wet diapers and other gadgets, but technologies that can make a real difference for integrators.

On Wednesday, December 20 at 2 p.m. (EST), CE Pro will be conducting its “Ultimate 2018 CES Preview” webcast, an in-depth preview of the show featuring trends, technologies and new products at CES 2018.

CE Pro founding editor Julie Jacobson is hosting the event, with industry experts Joe Whitaker and Avi Rosenthal weighing in on audio, video, home automation, security, networking, AI, voice control and brand new themes we never imagined.

The presenters are doing their homework long before CES 2018 begins, collecting information and insights from exhibitors, analysts and other industry experts. They're walking through the virtual show floor booth-by-booth, so they can help attendees navigate the massive spaces from the convention center to the Sands.

The Ultimate CES 2018 Preview, sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association and Olive & Dove, will include: 

  • The realness of AI and machine learning
  • Progress with smart-home “standards” and protocols
  • The shape of TVs to come
  • Latest developments in wireless audio
  • Innovations in networking and digital security
  • Preview of high-end audio and video
  • What the CE giants are showing
  • Noteworthy start-ups
  • Voice control and other modern-day UIs
  • Channels to market: Retail, custom install, on-demand …
  • Recurring revenue models for service and support
  • Panel Picks – 15 most interesting discoveries at CES 2018
  • Plus: an overview of the venues and where to find the best innovations

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Chuck Schneider
Chuck Schneider:

Chuck Schneider is a freelance writer with a long history in consumer electronics. He started and restarted his award-winning manufacturer’s representative firm - Value Added Marketing - and was also a vice president and general merchandise manager for a multi-regional CE chain, as well as a buyer for Lechmere's (a division of Target). Today, he is a freelance writer.