SureCall Video Q&A: Earn RMR from Cell Phone Signal Boosters

In CE Pro ‘Talking with Words’ video, Frankie Smith explains how new SureCall Force5 2.0 cell phone signal booster can earn recurring monthly revenue for dealers.


There is yet another reason for CE pros to consider installing cell phone signal boosters – recurring monthly revenue (RMR). Frankie Smith, vice president of sales at SureCall, sat down with CE Pro’s Live Action News Team for a “Talking with Words” segment to discuss the potential.

“We are really excited about our new product the Force5 2.0,” says Smith. “It can increase signals for all the major carriers and is the first signal booster to actually feature remote monitoring. So now the custom installer can remotely dial into the unit and synchronize it, and remotely adjust the attenuation if needed.”

He continues, “It is also the first signal booster that will allow integrators to earn recurring monthly revenue if the dealer chooses to sign a service agreement with the client. It is something truly innovative that we are trying to do for the custom installers to help them be more profitable.”

“It is the first signal booster that will allow integrators to earn recurring monthly revenue.” 

— Frankie Smith, SureCall

Dealers can simply log in to a portal as well as receive email notifications whenever the cellular conditions change.

“It saves time by not having to roll a truck like the dealer would have to for other products on the market,” says Smith.

He also overviewed how integrators can get started offering cell phone signal boosters by signing up for SureCall’s weekly online certification training.

According to CE Pro data, only about 40 percent of integrators currently offer cell phone signal boosters to their clients. The technology was previously stereotyped as being just for customers who lived in rural areas or areas with poor signal, but today’s new homes are built with extremely tight building envelopes for the purposes of maintaining hot or cold air, thus saving energy.

However, those same insulating materials also can inhibit cell phone signals from entering or exiting the home. So, newly constructed homes are a prime target for the deployment of cell phone signal boosters.