SkyBell Finally has Nice, Slim Form Factor for Smart Doorbell + a Chime

CEDIA 2016: SkyBell is introducing a new Trim Plus doorbell camera at CEDIA 2016 that’s thin enough to fit on most door frames … and there’s a new Wi-Fi/BLE chime to go with it.


SkyBell has one of the nicer, integration-friendly doorbell cameras on the market, but it’s big and round and doesn’t fit on slender door frames. At CEDIA 2016, the company is introducing Trim Plus, a slender HD video doorbell that’s just 1.39 inches wide.

The new product has a battery option for homes that don’t have two wires to an existing doorbell.

Other than that, it’s the same SkyBell HD product the company has been selling in “the round.”

SkyBell is also announcing at CEDIA an interior door chime that plays a “melody” when the doorbell is pressed.

The SkyBell chime is compatible with the SkyBell Trim Plus while on battery power, or the SkyBell HD or Trim Plus while wired.

In addition to its function as a doorbell sounder, the SkyBell chime has Wi-Fi and BLE radio connectivity for communicating with other smart-home devices. It has a customizable LED light setting that causes the device to change colors when someone is at the front door, alerting the hearing-impaired or customers who have opted to utilize the “silent mode” setting for notifications.

The SkyBell Trim Plus and SkyBell chime will both be built on the SkyBell bi-directional API platform, SkyBell Connect, which allows third-party products to send and receive triggers from SkyBell.

The new products will be available in the second half of Q4 2016. Pricing will be announced in the “near future.”

Visit SkyBell at CEDIA 2016, booth #7301. SkyBell will also be exhibited in partner booths, including Nest.

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