Séura Smart Mirror Reflects Growing Bathroom Renovation Opportunity

Séura Smart Mirror is redesigned at CEDIA Expo 2018 with more than one million available widgets or apps.


Séura is on a mission to make bathrooms smart. The company is kicking off the opening of exhibits at the CEDIA Expo 2018 with its totally redesigned Séura SMART Mirror in its booth #5600 located in the very front of the exhibit hall.

“We are really excited this year. We are really focusing on the bathroom,” says Gretchen Gilbertson, co-founder of Séura.

“Séura has done a lot of research understanding the bathroom routine. It is the No. 1 renovated space in a home. This presents a good opportunity for integrators to add value to their projects and add a little more pizzazz to any home. It is designed with busy working women in mind.”

The Séura SMART Mirror is loaded with features. The display is four times the size of a normal tablet and can be personalized with the key information a person wants every morning as users can select from more than one million available widgets or apps.

The mirror offers hands-free voice control and intuitive touch control options for calendar, weather and other apps.

The SMART Mirror also acts as the home control hub, giving the user access to view surveillance cameras around the home, dim the lights, open the garage door and more.

Séura Bridges Technology and Design

Among the differentiators for Séura in the market is that the company makes all its products in the U.S., in Green Bay, Wis., specifically.

“That is really unique,” quips Gilbertson. She adds that the company spends a lot of time and energy analyzing usage trends so it can innovate products to fit the needs of homeowners and add value to integrators’ businesses.

“Finally, we are really focused on bridging the gap between technology and design. That is our brand promise and what we were founded on 15 years ago,” notes Gilbertson.