Salamander Designs and Avocor Team Up to Deliver Commercial Presentation Solution

New packages from Salamander Designs and Avocor give commercial integrators additional furniture and display options for home offices, classrooms, and boardrooms.

Salamander Designs and Avocor Team Up to Deliver Commercial Presentation Solution

In addition to displays and furniture, Salamander and Avocor are also offering ADA compliant low-profile cabinets and mobile carts.

As every integrator involved in commercial A/V knows, technology and design have been slowly coming together to create a unified approach to presentation systems for home offices, classrooms, and boardrooms. Often, though, getting the two elements to unite can be challenging. Removing the hurdles are Salamander Designs and Avocor.

The two companies recently teamed up to provide a variety of turnkey systems comprising premium quality furniture and world-class interactive displays. The announcement provides integrators with a time- and money-saving solution for a variety of collaborative learning and presentation environments.

Avocor is now a Team Salamander Preferred Partner, which assures integrators that designated Salamander cabinets and furniture are 100 percent compatible with Avocor products and enable users to utilize all of the features for optimal benefits.

ADA Compliant Cabinets and Mobile Carts 

Compatible with Avocor displays between 65 and 86 inches are a variety of ADA compliant low-profile cabinets and mobile carts. The marriage between the two provides an aesthetically pleasing presentation system that’s ergonomically correct and can be positioned for the best user experience.

Features include:

  • ADA-compliant with UL-listed display mount
  • Accessible, comfortable, ergonomic display positions
  • Low impact installation – no wall reinforcement, simple toggle bold installation for anti-tip
  • Rapid Global Deployment with standardized, simplified A/V solutions that save time and money
  • Retrofit-friendly and easily upgradeable

Displays from Avocor feature LED, 4K technology and numerous touchpoints for collaborative engagement.

“Our chief goal is to simplify the process for all involved and to make the quoting, decision making and installation process flawless,” says Scott Srolis, vice president of sales and marketing, Salamander Designs.

“Being a Salamander Preferred Partner means integrators can deploy Avocor products will full confidence in the cabinetry and mobile cars that support them,” adds Dana Corey, general manager and vice president of sales, Avocor.

Cross training of the two sales teams began in September, and will be followed by training at distributors in the U.S. and abroad.

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