Cable Porn: Installers Share 24 Horrifying Wiring Messes

Yikes! Check out these before and after wiring and cabling jobs shared by CE pros around the country.

Cable Porn: Installers Share 24 Horrifying Wiring Messes

Check out these terrible wiring disasters, shared personally by CE Pro readers.

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When CE Pro published a story on 10 super scary wiring jobs, readers exploded with their own photos of disasters they've seen over the years.

“The sad part is that these pictures are not the exception but generally the rule,” says William Zidek of the earlier CE Pro story, sharing his thoughts on CE Pro's Facebook.

How do these wiring jobs happen? Mac Burks says it's offen the customer's “I don't want to spend that kind of money on a rack; can't we pick something up from home depot?” mentality.

But more often than not, the integrator is to blame.

“The big problem I've seen over the years is, when called in to these redo jobs, it's not only the wiring that's inadequate but also the programming, usabiliy and reliability too,” comments James Hallen. “These customers have become tainted and as a result non-trusting. It's a hurdle that we must cross. From my experience, I would say 95 percent [of integrators] do the job wrong and 5 percent do the job right.

“My simplified business statement is 'If it's not perfect, it's wrong.'”

Check out these before and after cable messes shared by CE Pro readers.

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