Q&A: WyreStorm Delivers HDMI, AV Over IP and HDBaseT Alongside Control

Integrators can benefit from having one manufacturer provide a combination of HDMI, HDBaseT and networked AV to their projects.


AV signal distribution manufacturer WyreStorm is no stranger to the market. The company has a full line of HDBaseT and AV over IP solutions and knows a thing or two when it comes to AV distribution. 

In honor of our Spotlight on HDBaseT, we spoke to Hal Truax, VP of sales and marketing for WyreStorm, about how integrators can benefit from one manufacturer contributing HDMI, HDBaseT and networked AV technologies along with various control solutions to a project.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

Networked AV is gaining momentum as a signal distribution medium in the Pro AV sector and our NetworkHD line represents one of the most scalable, easy to install and competitively priced solutions on the market.

Complimentary system design assistance is available to our dealers by emailing systemdesigns@wyrestorm.com.

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

We are a vertically integrated manufacturer providing AV signal distribution solutions for commercial and residential markets. We manufacture products using multiple technology platforms, allowing the integrator to choose the best technology for a given application. Look to us for reliable, feature-rich solutions using HDMI, AV over IP and HDBaseT technologies.

Tell us about one particularly interesting installation of your product.

Striders, located at 100 Harbor Drive in San Diego, CA is one of our recent NetworkHD installations. The sports bar is also an OTB facility; reliability was one of the top priorities.  The project has at 30 sources and 159 screens, including video walls of various sizes throughout the venue.

Controlling the system was another key requirement. Our browser-based Enado Control System allows the staff to control the system from any web-enabled device.

Besides the usual, what really specific thing differentiates you from your competitors?

We offer the complete solution, including control. Having one manufacturer responsible for the full solution eliminates all the finger pointing. We are able to combine HDMI, HDBaseT and networked AV technologies along with our various control solutions, to create hybrid systems that are perfectly tailored to the application for seamless integration. 

What’s the best sales tip/tactic you’ve come across?

It may sound cliché, but is true and seldom executed. “Under promise and over deliver.” This means never commit to more that you can do, as an individual or a company. Sales is based on a transfer of confidence, which ties into trust. Trust can only be earned if your word is honored.

What one technical tip can you offer about installations?

Installers should always factor in the best possible cable installation, especially with the higher demands of UHD content. If a “box” fails, it’s inconvenient. If the cable isn’t optimized, then it’s a nightmare.

Where do dealers typically get tripped up on installs?

So many times, it’s infrastructure. Cables need to be checked for much more than continuity. Data speeds, full bandwidth sweep testing, higher quality terminations and adhering to cable length recommendations will lead to a much better experience day in and day out, for everyone. WyreStorm has a handy 4K test kit available to help expedite troubleshooting. Check it out here.

Email Address: hal.truax@wyrestorm.com

Twitter: @WyreStorm

For those looking to become dealers:

Phone: 518-289-1293

Email:  sales.us@wyrestorm.com