PoE Verifier Tool From Ideal Networks Eliminates Installation Guesswork

Testing tool from Ideal Networks measures PoE class, voltage/voltage drop, watts and injector type, making it easy to see how much power is available for PoE devices.


The transmission of electric power with data over the same power cable to PoE enabled devices is inherently quicker to install than two separate cables. Still, there are elements of the installation that can be tricky. Understanding how much power is available to PoE devices is one of them.

To shed light on the issue and help home systems integrators preclude problems and finish jobs faster, Ideal Networks offers a PoE verifier, the PoE Pro.

“Previously technicians had to understand all the various standards, device power outputs and cable lengths to be sure a device will operate successfully. There was a lot of guesswork involved,” says Tim Widdershoven, marketing director for Ideal Networks.

“With the PoE Pro, users can see whether 75W of power is provided to a device that needs 75W of power. The pass-fail indication provides peace of mind the PoE device will work first time every time.”

PoE Pro Features Large Backlit Screen, Port Blink Tech

If the PoE test fails at the device location, the technician can measure available power directly from the switch or injector to instantly determine whether the problem lies with the power supply or cabling.

Test results are shown on the unit’s large backlit screen, up to a maximum of 90W (PoE++). It displays the voltage, PoE Class from 0 to 8 and Type, whether 802.3 af, at or bt, regardless of cable length, cable quality or other factors.

The company says there is no need for separate testers as PoE Pro is both a data cable and PoE verifier with all the familiar cable testing features of the popular VDV II Pro from Ideal Networks.

With comprehensive details on wiremap faults such as opens, shorts, crossovers and split pairs, PoE Pro can identify wiring errors instantly. It utilizes Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to accurately measure cable length and provide distance to fault information. 

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There is also ethernet speed detection (10/100/1000 Mb/s) used to determine which media service is running over the cable, such as Ethernet, ISDN, PBX and PoE, resulting in faster fault diagnosis according to Ideal Networks. 

Furthermore, users can utilize the port blink feature to identify the switch port or the in-built analog and digital tone generator with a compatible amplifier probe for quick cable tracing.

PoE Pro is available from distributors globally and directly from Ideal Networks. 

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