On Controls Gives Dealers ‘Quick Start’ by Pre-Programming Home Automation Systems

Home automation provider On Controls creates templates based on project specs, and then uploads them for dealers to personalize for clients.


On Controlsa popular home automation provider for custom integrators, has always maintained that its cloud-enabled system is easy to program via drag-and-drop menus and an intuitive app.

Even so, “sometimes dealers need a little nudge to get a project started,” says On Controls CEO Itai Ben-Gal.

For that reason, the company has launched Quick Start, a service through which On Controls customizes templates for authorized integrators on residential projects up to eight rooms.

The dealer provides basic system specifications to the vendor, and then “sits back while our engineers create a template and upload it to the cloud,” Ben-Gal says.

From there, the dealer can access the customized template and sync it with smart devices (iPads) on the network.

The template, based on One Controls’ latest SE7EN theme (video below), can be further customized by the integrator, who can also reuse it on additional projects with no additional fees.

“If, like many of our dealers, you use a standard set of products and configurations in most installations,” says Ben-Gal, “you might only need to use Quick Start once.”

On Controls already offers a version of Quick Start to new dealers to help them launch their On Controls business. A similar service is offered to the vendors’ busiest integrators to help improve their operating efficiency, according to sales and marketing director Marty Cooper.

“Our advantage is that we have been involved on thousands of projects and we can work efficiently which saves the the integrator time at the jobsite”

He adds, “Once we provide the basic framework, the integrator can then choose to modify or customize aspects of the interface for their client.”

To learn more about the Quick Start service and obtain pricing, contact Marty Cooper at marty@oncontrols.com or (313) 209-4318.

On Controls v4.2 featuring Se7en Theme

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