Nortek 2GIG’s ‘Smart Areas’ Enable Security Panel Partitioning

The 2GIG GC3 security panel comes complete with a user interface, a wireless transceiver, controller, and communicator all in one package.


Nortek Security & Control (NSC) announces the launch of Smart Areas partitioning for the 2GIG GC3 security panel, said to be the first self-contained wireless security system with zone partitioning.

The new functionality is available immediately to every 2GIG GC3 system, included installed systems, via the new v3.2 firmware release, with no added hardware modules required.

Partitioning is the creation of zone groups in a home or building security system so that users can arm some sections of the property while leaving other areas disarmed.

“Smart Areas enables greater personalization and functionality for the end user while simplifying installation for the installer,” says NSC product director, Majid Mahmood.

“With Smart Areas, the GC3 becomes the first wireless self-contained partitioning panel in the marketplace, complete with a user interface, controller, wireless transceiver and communicator all in one package.”

Nortek Promotes Personalized Security 

Nortek says Smart Areas partitioning can be used to personalize security for multiple tenants in a building.

For example, the main partition would secure the common area while the remaining partitions secure the individual units — or a household with a pool can keep the sensor at the gate to the pool area armed at all times, even when the rest of the home is disarmed.

Each Smart Area partition controls its local zone status, alerts, and notifications — and offers the ability to bypass any zone within the partition.

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Any zone or zone grouping that needs to be armed or disarmed separately from the rest of the structure can be turned into a Smart Area partition.

“2GIG Smart Areas partitioning gives end-users the benefits of partitioning with a new, easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and gives installers a simple and fast set-up solution,” says Mahmood.

“With the launch of Smart Areas, we’ve made peace of mind more achievable than ever before.”

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