NEAR Outdoor Speaker Bundles Produce 3,000 Square Feet of Coverage

The company’s latest outdoor loudspeakers provide integrators a choice of system bundles to meet a variety of residential audio needs.


Back at CEDIA 2017, NEAR Speakers announced its NEARSCAPES line of outdoor audio systems. 

Now available, the systems provide integrators with bundles that include all of the accessories required to install outdoor audio systems. 

“Landscape style speaker systems have become very popular due to their deployment ease and low-profile aesthetics,” notes Bill Kieltyka, general manager, NEAR division of Bogen Communications, Inc.

“Rather than taking the conventional approach of narrow dispersion 'spotlight' satellite speakers, we opted for a wide area coverage, higher performance approach. We listened to integrators' installation concerns and added thoughtful touches like double-signal wire terminals, the IE1 in-ground junction boxes and the option of a pre-configured DSP amplifier to make their jobs easier.”

Due to the included IG4M satellite speaker's 120-degree dispersion capabilities, the systems can cover a 3,000-square foot area in sound. 

The systems were designed around the satellite speaker's wide dispersion characteristics, allowing integrators to use fewer speakers than more traditional systems (that often use 60-degree dispersion speakers).  

NEARSCAPES Eases Installations 

In terms of configuration options, the NEARSCAPES systems offer a lot of choice and flexibility.

For example, the IG44.1 system includes four IG4M two-way bollard-style speakers, along with a IGS100M in-ground subwoofer, five IE1 direct-burial junction boxes, and four 20-foot speaker cables with male termination.  By adding a 3XL amplifier to the same package, the system provides integrators with a complete, turnkey solution. 

The IG4M two-way loudspeakers feature a single 4.5-inch driver, as well as a coincident 1-inch bridge mounted tweeter, which is mounted on a 25-degree upward-angled baffle to help ensure balanced sound at ear level. 

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The speakers feature NEAR's Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) cones, and its Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) spiderless driver designs, which the company says help enable longer cone excursion without additional distortion. 

Integrators can also choose to run the speakers in a 70-volt mode with power tap choices of 64- watt, 32-watt, 16-watt, 8-watt and 4-watt operation. The systems also support a 16-ohm option through a switch located underneath a protective cover. 

The IGS100M subwoofer installs as a freestanding or in-ground solution, and it incorporates a 10-inch woofer in a bandpass enclosure.

The stereo NEAR 3XL amplifier produces 350 watts per channel, and it ships with pre-configured DSP settings that cover crossovers, equalization, and power limiting. 

  • MSRP for the IG44.1 system is $3,739
  • MSRP for the IG44.1 DSP system is $4,739

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