Meridian Adds 11 Manufacturer Rep Firms

Meridian hires 11 independent manufacturer rep firms to act as U.S. sales force.

Meridian Adds 11 Manufacturer Rep Firms

Meridian welcomed its new 11 manufacturer reps to its UK headquarters last year.

Meridian has become the latest company to move to independent manufacturer reps with the aim to elevate its brand, products and technical service. 

The 11 reps will all work closely with Ryan Donaher, vice president of Meridian America, to assure they are equipped to represent the Meridian brands in terms of sales, support, and marketing.

The manufacturer reps and the areas they cover:

  • Atlantic Integrated – Metro NYC, Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut
  • By Design Vision and Sound – Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and Hawaii
  • C & E Marketing – Florida
  • CET & Associates – Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas
  • Fielder Marketing – Northern California, Northern Nevada
  • Momentum Sales – Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas
  • N&S Marketing – Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho
  • Nutech Group – Maryland, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia
  • PSG – Southeast North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
  • Saavy Sales & Marketing – Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska
  • Tandem Marketing – Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky

At last year's meeting at Meridian HQ, reps
experienced demos of new products,
including the 200 Series. They also discussed
the company's other distributed brands,
Display Technologies and Cinema-ATS. 

Meridian welcomed the manufacturer reps to its HQ in the UK last year, which proved extremely beneficial in discovering more about the brand and experiencing demonstrations of the architectural speakers, products from the 200 Series, and more.

Meridian will be hosting another visit this year, which will see the reps head to the Meridian HQ to find out more about Meridian and its distributed brands, Display Technologies and Cinema-ATS, as well as a trip to meet with the Barco Residential team in Belgium.

Mark Fielder of Fielder Marketing, a manufacturing rep who visited the HQ last year, comments, “Meridian is a brand with huge potential for US integrators, especially those working in San Francisco and Northern California where customers want the best quality but where space for installation is often at a premium.

“Having visited the Meridian facility, you get the exact same sense of attention to detail, beautiful engineering and quality design that you see in these finished products.” 

“The people behind the brand live and breathe Meridian. And it shows. These guys genuinely care about designing and making the best possible products they can.  Meridian is a brand that definitely has the right stuff for U.S. dealers,” says Fielder.