Leviton Partners with Pulte Homes as Exclusive Smart Lighting Controls Provider

Leviton’s Decora Smart lighting controls will be an option in all new Pulte Smart Homes as a part of Pulte’s commitment to smart home technology.

Leviton Partners with Pulte Homes as Exclusive Smart Lighting Controls Provider

Pulte plans to build all of its smart homes with seamless Wi-Fi and increased bandwidth to help support Leviton's smart lighting system.

Leviton has announced a partnership with Pulte Homes, a nationwide home building company, to become the exclusive provider of smart lighting controls in Pulte's customizable smart homes.

The Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology lighting controls will be used to support Pulte’s vision to accommodate current and future trends in smart home technology with a hubless solution. 

The product line of dimmers, switches, and plug-ins will be available as an upgrade to new Pulte homeowners in their smart technology-enabled homes and will not require a dedicated space in the home for a hub in order to connect with other smart devices.

According to a press release, all Pulte Smart Homes will be “built with seamless Wi-Fi reliability and increased bandwidth to support this hubless connection.”

“At Leviton, we seek ways to continuously innovate the solutions of the future for builders and homeowners alike,” says Rick Gavenda, director of Leviton’s builder and developer program. 

“Leviton’s partnership with Pulte Homes aligns with our company’s vision to make every home a smart home and is an outstanding example of how Leviton is working with smart homebuilders such as Pulte to build for the future.”

Pulte Eyes Smart Home Market

The Pulte Smart Home was developed “to ensure homeowners have access to solutions suited to support future trends while providing the flexibility to add technology that best fits their individual needs,” says the company. 

Pulte says it is committed to working with partner providers, like Leviton, that have solutions to support this model.

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“Leviton’s Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology lighting controls offer the flexible, future-proof technologies Pulte Homes is looking for,” says Diahann Young, director of digital platforms and innovation at PulteGroup.

“The reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is designed to support the future of connected home technology, such Leviton’s hubless solution. The compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant gives homeowners the freedom to choose the technology that works best for them.”