Leviton Launches ZigBee Control System for Hospitality, New Home Automation Products

Leviton had several big announcements at ISE 2016, including a new guest-room control system embedded in a thermostat, EN50131-compliant security system, better integration between BitWise and Omni.


Leviton Security & Automation had one of the worst booth locations at ISE 2016, but the home automation company had one of its biggest product launches in quite some time. The company showcased a new video intercom station, ZigBee-based room controller for hospitality, and more effective integration between BitWise A/V controls and Omni security and automation.

First, Leviton plans to sneak into the hospitality business like Nest snuck into the home: through a smart thermostat. In Leviton’s case, the new Omnistat 3 is a ZigBee control system built into a thermostat for hospitality applications.

The device, which has a built-in PIR sensor, communicates with up to 10 other sensors, switches and control modules within a space.

The facility can set its own temperature setpoints based on occupancy or other conditions. For example, the thermostat can be set back when a window is open.

Greg Rhoades, director of marketing for Leviton, says the company is “talking to all the hotel chains” and so far has some wins among “boutique” properties.

In other developments, Leviton is on top of the doorbell-camera trend, introducing its own front-door station, as well as integration with 2N, a leading IP phone/intercom provider.

Leviton’s own door station, the INDS1 ($600 MSRP) works with the company’s OmniTouch 7 touchscreens inside the home. Special ringtones help the homeowners distinguish between doorbell calls and room-to-room communications. A built-in relay enables the user to unlock a door or gate remotely.

In big news for Leviton’s European business, the company’s flagship Omni and OmniPro security and home automation systems have achieved EN50131 Grade 2 and PD6662 compliance – crucial requirements for police response.

Stricter than the U.S.’s code compliance for intrusion systems, the European standards mandate such features as tamper detection. In addition, the new compliant alarm panels feature new arming/disarming methods, shunt lock capability, enhanced event logs, temporary lock-out with invalid codes, and more.

BitWise Now Has Native Omni Features

Leviton acquired BitWise, the home-entertainment control company, in 2014. Since then the company has been working on integrating BitWise with the Omni line of security and home automation systems (acquired from HAI in 2012).

Previously, an Omni controller had to be tacked onto a BitWise system to incorporate home automation devices and features usually associated with Omni. For example, to use OmniTouch 7 touchscreens with BitWise controls, you needed a complete Omni control system in the ecosystem. Likewise, to integrate the Omni-Bus hardwired lighting control system or Hi-Fi2 multiroom audio system, you needed an Omni box in the mix. Even features like two-way intercom required an Omni box to be injected into a BitWise project.

Now, Leviton has integrated the two automation platforms, so dealers don’t need to spec an Omni controller unless they want the related security and automation functionality.

“Now BitWise communicates directly with the other devices,” Rhoades says. “No Omni is required.”

Furthermore, Leviton has launched a BitWise developer program, allowing third-party developers to create custom integration modules and GUI templates.

The company says new modules and GUIs will be available soon through the BitWise Dealer Store (see below).

More Announcements from ISE 2016

  • Leviton has introduced a new connectivity partner, Clever-Labs, offering a new dynamic to KNX integrations with customizable GUIs. The Mindbox Server by Clever-Labs brings a powerful and attractive web server application engineered for use with home and building automation systems such as the Leviton Omni security & automation system. The Mindbox Server is configured via an easy-to-use Web interface which can also be used for remote access in addition to iOS and Android apps. User friendly icons assist the dealer in the identification and set up of the KNX units including lighting, temperature/energy management, and motors (window coverings, shades, shutters, etc.). The Mindbox Server also offers historical archiving and data logging over the cloud which can be used for storing, searching, and displaying logged data.
  • The Philips Hue BitWise Module by controlHome controls Philips Hue lamps inside the Leviton BitWise Touch app. Integrators can embed the lights in a GUI floor plan of the house by simply dragging and dropping the respective light icons for various Hue lighting devices. End-users can control individual lights using sliders with the ability to adjust saturation, hue, and brightness, along with powering off/on all lights with a simple press. The auto-discovery tool scans the network and connects to the required Hue Bridge plus retrieves all associated lamps and lighting groups for a quick setup.
  • The Z-Wave BitWise Module by ADA is used for controlling Z-Wave lighting modules/switches, appliance plug-in modules/receptacles, roller shutters, blinds, and door locks using a Leviton VRC0P Vizia RF + Plug-In Serial Interface Module (one-way control in North America) or Omni Z-Wave Interface Plug-in for Vera Controllers via RS-232 with purchased activation key (control and two-way feedback only available with separately purchased activation key from ADA). The included GUI elements offer sliders with icons and buttons for controlling dimmers, relays, appliances, window coverings, and door locks with battery level status. The module is compatible with iOS, Android, and the Leviton OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen.
  • Leviton has announced new Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth technology. These lighting controls provide the ability to dim and time lighting without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection. Users simply pair the device with the Leviton Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App and use on-screen menu options to control lights with Apple or Android smartphones or tablets within a 30-foot range. Decora Digital Controls are available in dimmer and switch models. Both the dimmer and switch offer flexibility to program timed events at set or random times for daily activities or for a “lived-in” look while occupants are away. An astronomical clock, automatically set through the connection with a smart device, adjusts for local sunrise/sunset times as well as daylight saving time. Additionally, the devices feature a countdown sleep timer which can be set for up to 12 hours for added convenience.
  • Leviton has introduced Snap-Link Mobile for Windows 10 devices including computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Leviton has added Snap-Link Mobile support for Apple Watch.

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