Kwikset Introduces Halo Smart Locks at CES 2019

The company’s first Wi-Fi smart locks are designed to connect directly to an existing Wi-Fi router and smartphone to create a hubless security option.


Kwikset is introducing its first-ever Wi-Fi smart locks at CES 2019. Its Halo Smart Locks will use Wi-Fi to create a simple smart home experience and provide homeowners ease of access control, remote features and, in the future, simplified home automation integration. 

Halo Smart Locks connect directly to an existing Wi-Fi router and smartphone to create a simple and secure smart home, without a third-party hub, panel or subscription service.

Through the Kwikset app, users can remotely monitor and control their Halo Smart Locks from anywhere provided they have an Internet connection.

Kwikset says installation and set-up are designed to be easy, with set-up requiring only a Wi-Fi network and the Kwikset mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

“Wi-Fi-enabled smart home products are where we see the smart lock category progressing and Kwikset wanted to provide a simple connected solution for homeowners, which we've delivered with Halo,” says Ali Atash, senior product marketing manager, Kwikset, Spectrum Brands Inc. – Hardware & Home Improvement Division.

“Kwikset continues to reinforce our commitment to our customers, providing the best in residential security. Our new Halo Smart Locks are no exception.”

New Kwikset Mobile App Bolsters Security Options 

Via the mobile app, users can control, monitor and sync their Halo Smart Locks. The company says homeowners will be able to quickly and easily generate up to 250 unique user codes, manage guest user access, remotely monitor lock status, and remotely lock or unlock all from their smartphones.

The locks also include several safety features, including its SmartKey Security to protect against common and forced entry break-in methods like lock picking, lock bumping and torque attacks.

The touchscreen version also features Kwikset's SecureScreen technology, designed to prevent unwanted entry commonly associated with touchscreen products. With SecureScreen, users are prompted to touch two random numbers before entering their access code to encourage fingerprints across the screen.

“We know homeowners have a lot of options to choose from when researching smart locks,” says Atash. “Both the touchscreen and keypad Halo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Locks deliver on what people seek – style, product durability, innovation and most importantly, security. The smart locks give homeowners a seamless, easy way to upgrade to a smart home.” 

The Halo Touchscreen Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Halo Keypad Wi-Fi Smart Lock will be available for purchase in 2019 for $229 MSRP and $199 MSRP, respectively.

The new smart locks will launch alongside the new Kwikset mobile app and the new Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock that will provide additional smart home security options.