KEF Hydro Blaster Spray Removes Water Vapor, Improves Wireless Audio Sound

KEF Hydro Blaster is an aerosol spray ($99.99 per can) claims to radically improve transmission of wireless audio signals.


KEF announces the development of a new product that it says will revolutionize Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless audio streaming, improving the wireless transmission qualities of a signal and its overall audio quality.

This outstanding solution – which KEF’s engineering team has named Hydro Blaster – effectively removes unwanted water vapor from the air. It is a known fact that environmental conditions such as high ambient humidity can have negative effects on the quality of RF signal transmissions (as anyone who has tried to use their cellphone in a rainstorm can attest).

By removing unwanted water vapor the wireless audio signal transmission in the listening area is vastly improved. Exhaustive, blind listening tests have proved conclusively that the quality of sound received once the room has been sprayed with KEF Hydro Blaster is sharper, clearer and more dynamic. Prior to this development, results like this were only possible in highly controlled humidity-proof wireless listening rooms that were affordable to only a few audiophiles worldwide. Now, enhanced humidity-free wireless listening is available to anyone with just a few quick sprays. 

Key Capabilities

  • Hydro Blaster improves the strength of a Wi-Fi signal because water vapor absorbs RF signals
  • It was developed as a high-quality aerosol spray that improves the transmission of wireless signals such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth by removing the water molecules that specifically affect RF signals
  • Hydro Blaster completely removes moisture from the air in a dedicated listening area twenty-three times faster than a standard room dehumidifier
  • The product improves the audible range and is patented in the UK
  • Several wireless carriers are looking at Hydro Blaster technology for large-scale use in geographic areas with inherently poor cell phone reception

Each can sells for $99.99. The company, which announced the product on April 1, is now taking pre-orders.

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