JVC 4K Laser Projector Gets Firmware Update to Support Auto Tone Mapping

New features include auto Tone Mapping, color profiles for Panasonic 4K UHD Blu-ray player, expanded range of screen adjustment modes.

JVC 4K Laser Projector Gets Firmware Update to Support Auto Tone Mapping

A firmware update for JVC's DLA-RS4500K delivers new features to the 4K laser projector, including expanded screen adjustment modes.

In an effort to keep pace with advances in projection and display technology, JVC offers a firmware update for its flagship projector, the DLA-RS4500K 4K home theater laser projector.

The Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings for optimum HDR10 images. The HDR10 mastering information MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level) / MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level) varies greatly depending on content.

To achieve the best HDR10 experience it is necessary to set the appropriate brightness settings for each piece of programming.

The Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings based on the mastering information. Various HDR images with different brightness can be viewed optimally without manual adjustment of the settings.

In cases where content does not contain mastering information, a fixed value will be set or it can be manually adjusted.

Dedicated Color Profiles for the Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Blu-ray Player 

Users can select one of two dedicated color profiles developed specifically for the Panasonic 4K UHD player.

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The projector’s profiles work in conjunction with the player’s HDR Optimizer, which tone maps HDR content based on the metadata to match the capabilities of the projector. The result is the best possible HDR images.

Expanded Screen Adjustment Modes

The projector offers settings that correct the color balance for a wide range of screen characteristics and materials. The firmware upgrade expands the number of screens settings from 135 to 165.

The JVC DLA-RS4500K combines a JVC-developed native 4K D-ILA device with the company’s proprietary BLU-Escent laser phosphor light source. It is rated at 3,000 lumens brightness, making it well suited for large screen 4K HDR applications.

The firmware can be downloaded on June 27 from this link

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