Interlogix and Inflotrolix Team Up to Offer New Water Leak Detection System

Interlogix’s UltraSync smart Hub and Inflotrolix’s NOWA water sensors notify users, automatically shut off water valve.

Interlogix and Inflotrolix Team Up to Offer New Water Leak Detection System

Together, Interlogix's security system and Inflotrolix's water sensors help prevent serious water damage.

About 14,000 homeowners will be forced to deal with a leak or other plumbing emergency every day. Left unattended, these leaks can lead to serious damage. Insurance companies pay out $2.5 billion each year to homeowners for water damage coverage. These figures are enough to have anyone scrambling for some type of prevention solution.

Montreal-based Inflotrolix has teamed up with security system manufacturer Interlogix to bundle leak sensors and a smart home hub as a fast and efficient means of notifying home and business owners of a water leak. It goes a step further by taking immediate action to stop the leak.

When Inflotrolix’s NOWA sensors detect a leak, the system automatically triggers an electronic valve to shut off the main water line and notifies Interlogix’s UltraSync Hub to send a text message to a home or building owner’s smartphone via an app. The entire process takes seconds to complete, helping to prevent water damage.

Plus, the UltraSync Hub and app are compatible with a host of other devices, including video cameras, intrusion sensors, lights, electronic locks and video doorbells. What does do these potential integrations have to do with water leaks? After receiving notice of a water leak, connected users can use the UltraSync app to remotely turn on lights and view cameras to assess the situation and/or unlock a door to allow a plumber in for repairs.

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Jean-Hugues LaBreque, president and chief executive officer, Inflotrolix, says his company worked with Interlogix to create a reliable and complete water leak detection system with the added benefit of security and automation features.

“Inflotrolix’s main purpose is to protect buildings from water damage,” says Inflotrolix president and CEO Jean-Hugues LaBreque. “Interlogix, with its UltraSync system, is about security and automation services. It’s a great match. No other water leak detection product offers as much functionality.”

There’s no limit to the number of NOWA sensors that can be installed near home or business appliances such as hot water tanks, washing machines, dishwashers and sinks. Built-in temperature sensors protect against burst pipes by shutting off the water supply when the ambient temperature in a home or building drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). During a power failure, the NOWA system keeps the premises protected, thanks to the UltraSync Hub’s internal battery backup.