Infographic: Millennials, GenX Biggest Adopters of Smart Home Devices

Study shows 56% of consumers who already own at least one connected device intend to buy more smart home products in the next year.


In a recent CE Pro article, Chuck Schneider offered advice on how to market to Millennials.

In the comments, integrators lamented about their difficulties working with and selling to Millennials, and some affirmed that their target customer base is still “GenX and older.”

But it's hard to ignore a whole group of the population when a recent report says nearly half of all Millennials already have at least one smart device at home and over half of those people intend to buy more.

Luckily, GenX-ers are also investing in connected devices, and the adoption rate is almost double that of Millennials, although they may be driven by different incentives.

The report, illustrated in the infographic below, was generated by Essence, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based connected living solutions. The company recently expanded its platform, WeR@Home, by adding IFTTT capabilities and Z-Wave+ certification.

A Few Interesting Findings…

56 percent of consumers who own at least one smart connected device intend to buy more products in the next year. 

Nearly 50 percent of GenX and Millennial customers already have a smart product at home.

The most popular devices include connected cameras, smart thermostats, smart lighting and smart locks.

While Millennials are largely buying connected devices for convenience, GenX are more driven by home security and energy savings. 

View the infographic below to learn more.