If WyreStorm Enado Control System…Then Happy Customer

WyreStorm Enado Version 4 Integrates with Amazon Echo IFTTT.

The newest version of the Enado Control System makes setting up and using the system even easier. We caught up with Todd Akins, Wyrestorm Director of Marketing to learn more about the new version 4.

First, what is Enado? 
Enado is a very flexible AV control system that was designed from the beginning to be extremely easy to setup and use. We wanted a system that didn’t require a certification to know how to program it. We have two flavors of the system: The full size Enado (ENA-001-010) and the Enado Mini (ENA-001-010). Both use the same software. And both consist of a single piece of hardware, which includes of a centralized web server. Because of the web server design, the system can be controlled using any browser-based device such as a tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC. The full-sized Enado includes a back panel of device control ports: I/O contact closures, IR, RS-232 and LAN connections. The Enado Mini has a single LAN port and leverages Global Cache for additional device control options.

Tell us about the integration with Amazon Echo?
Enado version 4 provides integration with Amazon Echo and FireTV using IFTTT (If This Then That). The added functionality allows Alexa voice commands to trigger Enado actions. These commands can be as simple as turning on or off a display to running complex macros. Installers AND end-users can easily integrate Enado with other connected devices and services thanks to the continually expanding IFTTT cookbook of recipes.

One example of a handy IFTTT function is allowing voice control to turn on the AV system and set the cable box to a favorite channel. The macro would include turning on the TV, set top box and AVR, and switching the matrix to the appropriate input and then changing the channel to the favorite. The customer would simply say, “Alexa, trigger HGTV”. We have a video showing the full setup of this functionality. Click here.

Now that Enado is compatible Echo voice control and IFTTT, a world of opportunities awaits. Location and time-based triggers can be added. Other events such as weather alerts and occupancy sensors can trigger the Enado connected AV components. The possibilities are endless.

What else is new with Enado version 4?
While it may sound counterproductive, it is now possible to launch iOS and Android applications directly from the Enado user interface. Why would we want to DIS-integrate the system? Our philosophy is that the apps which are designed by the manufacturer for a particular device almost always offer a better user experience than drivers written by third parties to integrate into a control system. As my counterpart James Meredith puts it, “We didn't want to mirror other control systems with poorly-written, featureless 2-way drivers that are quickly out of date, especially when really cool native apps like of Sonos or Lutron can simply be launched within Enado. The manufacturer's intended experience for the user is all-important.”

Is there something new about QR Codes?
Actually, QR codes have been part of the product since the beginning. As I mentioned earlier, the system is accessed by way of the built-in web server through any device with a browser. When a QR code is generated by the system and scanned by the user, the phone, tablet, computer etc. instantly becomes the remote control with a nicely formatted interface.  (Try the one on this page to see a live demo of Enado). The look and feel of the interface is completely customizable and can be programmed to control specific rooms or activities.

With version 4, we are now able to have the QR codes with permalinks that always have the updated IP address. There is no need for port-forwarding or additional configuration changes when the IP address of the location changes. This small feature greatly improves the user experience and service level of the system.

Version 4 is available now as a free firmware update through the system. To learn more about Enado, visit the website at http://www.wyrestorm.com/catalog/enado-control-solution.