How Well Do You Understand Ethernet Cables and Connectors?

Take this short quiz and find out if you are a wiring wiz!


Cabling can be one of the most complex parts of your business, what with all the new standards, sizes, and specifications to master. Yet, cabling is one of the most crucial aspects of your company success. Without a solid, reliable cabling infrastructure in place, projects can go from good to bad in a heartbeat. Ethernet cabling, in particular, can get tricky.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right connectors. How adept are you at matching connectors to Ethernet cabling? Are you a wiring wiz or novice? Take this short quiz and find out.

About the Author

Lisa Montgomery:

Lisa Montgomery has been a member of the CE Pro and Electronic House editorial teams for nearly 20 years; most of that time as the Editor of Electronic House. With a knack for explaining complex high-tech topics in terms that average consumers can understand, her style of writing resonates with people who are interested in adding electronic systems to their homes, but are unsure of the steps involved and the solutions available. From basic lighting control systems to full-blown automation systems, Lisa understands the home electronics market well, and is able to point consumers in the right direction on their quest for a smarter, more convenient, efficient and enjoyable home.

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