Emerald Unveils M2X Technology Network

Emerald is launching two new online communities, M2T: Marketing to Tech Pros and M2I: Marketing to Integrators, as resources for technology marketers looking to reach customers in these specialized segments of the industry.

Emerald Unveils M2X Technology Network

Emerald Holding, Inc. (“Emerald”) today announced the launch of the M2X Technology Network which encompasses two new online communities, M2T: Marketing to Tech Pros and M2I: Marketing to Integrators. These are the first Emerald digital properties to leverage the newly developed, proprietary ConneXions platform. The Emerald ConneXions platform is designed to deliver unique insights across multiple brands and audiences, enabling a nurtured and curated customer experience. 

“Through analyzing customer behaviors across our many leading brands, we developed the ConneXions platform as a way to establish new ways for our communities to access business-critical information, and for advertisers to reach across these specialized customer segments,” says Brian Field, chief operating officer at Emerald. “Advertisers and sponsors who are largely industry agnostic, such as martech providers, now have a dedicated platform to gain access to these niche B2B industries.” 

“The M2X Technology Network is a new resource for the technology marketers we have built relationships with over the past many years,” says Marsha Ann Marsh, publisher of M2X. “The new Emerald ConneXions data platform bridges online and event properties making it easier to analyze audience behavior and deliver synthesized insights into niche markets for advertisers who want to reach these marketer audiences.” 

“I have worked as an integrator, held internal marketing and sales positions at manufacturing firms and now team with these companies as a consultant,” says Alan C. Brawn, CTS, DSCE, and ISF, principal at Brawn Consulting. “There is an immense need in the industry for the kind of clear-cut insights and targeted perspectives that the M2X Technology Network provides. It’s a game changer for these businesses so they can market their products more effectively and ultimately grow revenue.” 

Each M2X community will feature monthly custom research reports that provide a unique marketing perspective on the habits and preferences of audience members across Emerald’s technology media brands including CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, Security Sales & Integration, My TechDecisons, Campus Safety, RFID Journal and events such as CEDIA Expo, Total Tech Summit, Campus Safety Conference, InterDrone and RFID Journal Live. M2T and M2I will also highlight case studies of how other technology marketers approach challenges as well as timely coverage of industry and product news.