Elk C1M1 Dual-Path Communicator for Reliable Interactive Security, No Extra Fees

New dual-path communicator enables immediate alarm transmission (no dial capture) from Elk’s M1 security and home automation system, plus interactivity for remote monitoring and control.


Elk Products has introduced the new C1M1 dual-path communicator that enables split-second alarm signal transmission and interactivity, without the delays, vulnerabilities and fees associated with traditional alarm communicators.

The cellular- and IP-enabled device, introduced at ISC West 2016, connects to Elk’s popular M1 security and building/home automation system for direct and immediate reporting to the central monitoring station.

In the past, the M1 panel has worked with third-party alarm communicators, but none provides the direct connectivity offered by Elk’s own product, according to Elk CEO Kirk Phillips.

Third-party solutions, he explains, report to the central station by capturing dial-out signals from the POTS (plain old telephone service) line or decoding signals from the panel’s data bus. Furthermore, many of the third-party communicators pass data through the cloud before forwarding to the central station. Any or all of these steps can delay, however slightly, emergency reporting to the central station.

Third-party solutions “work very well from a security standpoint,” he says. “However, they can introduce lags due to the way data is captured from the alarm panel. In a life-safety emergency, every moment counts.”

The Elk messaging for the C1M1 is clear:  It provides, “super-fast, full communications via IP and cellular — no delays, no compromised data.”

Remote Access: No Fuss, No Fees, No Port Forwarding

The C1M1 provides additional processing that eliminates some of the fees and complexities of remote access. Network provisioning is simple and, importantly, does not require port forwarding, which could otherwise open doors to hackers.

Furthermore, because of the native M1 integration and cloud-free communications, the C1M1 carries no monthly fees (beyond cellular), even for remote monitoring and control.

With Elk's free ElkLink app, users enjoy interactivity with their security system — including remote arm and disarm, system status and event history — for no additional charge. The only fee is for cellular service, which is provided by Telguard.

The same goes for email and text alerts, which end users can set up themselves, no dealer intervention required.

Dealers can activate and manage the C1M1 without a truck roll. Furthermore, they can use the communicator to remotely program the M1 panel over IP or cellular, again reducing truck rolls.

The current C1M1 release operates via GSM over the AT&T cellular network. CDMA through Verizon will follow.