Custom is the Key to a Happy Customer

The flexibility offered by the RTI Control System enables integrators to fulfill clients’ dreams.

Increasingly, consumers are drawn to the world of automation for the convenience and the novelty of seeing technology working for them. This has sparked a lot of innovation, leading to a proliferation of devices with “smart” technology and an endless variety of options. It’s not surprising that many consumers initially look to the vast array of DIY products, yet they underestimate the time involved to successfully setup, learn, train other users, and maintain all of these systems – with disappointing results.

This is where the combination of a professional integrator and control system comes in.  Utilizing their expertise, the integrators goal is to deliver a system that allows the end user to simply, conveniently and reliably interact with their technology. To achieve this requires an automation solution that has the power and flexibility to manage all of the entertainment and environmental systems in a home or business. Integrators, look no further than the RTI control system.

Delivering Simplicity in a World Where Being Different is the Norm

Every automation project has different environments, equipment, and client requirements. The fact that these variables can change dramatically from one project to the next is a huge challenge for professional integrators. These differences are also why the “cookie cutter” approach of offering every client the same type of control, regardless of the situation, is not the answer. To solve this problem, RTI has developed an automation platform that offers a wide variety of custom user interfaces, an expandable control “ecosystem” and programming software that allows easy integration with the client’s equipment.

We all know that apps are here to stay, and RTI has embraced the app culture with its RTiPanel® for mobile devices and a PC version called Virtual Panel. However, the user experience can suffer when systems rely solely on apps for control. For instance, a smart device cluttered up with five to ten different apps can be just as confusing as having a table full of remotes. Also, the initial excitement of using an app begins to wear off with each device unlock, app change and page swipe needed to perform even basic functions, such as adjusting the channel or volume.

The RTI Control System Lineup

Understanding there is still a need for user friendly, dedicated control and hard buttons, RTI has expanded its line of user interfaces. This includes budget friendly all button remote controls and in-wall keypads, to a variety of wired and wireless color touchscreen models which can be customized by the integrator. This wide range of options gives RTI dealers a tremendous amount of flexibility to create a control experience that is designed specifically to meet their client’s needs.

The backbone of RTI’s control and automation solutions is the company’s Integration Designer® programming software. A CEDIA Hall of Fame inductee, Integration Designer provides a simple drag-and-drop environment where integrators can create completely customized interfaces — including advanced two-way control and feedback of third-party devices without the need to learn advanced software coding. For installation efficiency, RTI also offers a library of free two-way drivers for the industry’s leading audio, video, utility, and security components.

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

While comparing control systems feature and benefit offerings, it’s important to ask the question: “what is the cost vs. benefit to my client’s experience”? This is not necessarily a monetary cost either. In many cases, what appears to be a feature is actually made possible by some strict limitations. For instance, some control systems force the integrator to use a specific lighting system, offer only one graphical template that cannot be customized, or allow control via the Ethernet network only (which means you still need a separate remote for many devices). RTI has none of these restrictions, allowing integrators the freedom to create the control system of their client’s dreams.

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