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Custom Home Theater Was Johnny Depp’s Parting Gift to Winona Ryder

Being a child star really opens doors, even as a custom installer. Kung Fu’s “young grasshopper” goes on to work on projects for Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone and Chuck Norris.


While working in hollywood as an actor provides some juicy tidbits, Radames Pera’s acting highlights, most notably as “Grasshopper” in the classic TV show Kung Fu, might be overshadowed by his custom installation highlights.

Who else can claim that his services were given as a “parting gift” by Johnny Depp to Winona Ryder? Pera says he was actually hired by Depp to install a home theater in her home as a parting gift as their relationship ended and was literally a witness to the couple’s last kiss goodbye.

He also found it ironic that he did work at Chuck Norris’ home, even though Norris never knew about Pera’s role as Grasshopper and the martial arts connection they share.

“But maybe the so-called ‘best’ might have been when I was working in Sharon Stone’s house,” he recalls. “I was installing the CCTV system so she could monitor the front door on any TV in the house. I was in her master bath, mounting a white TV and had to string the coax through some builtin cabinetry there.”

“Now remember, this is at the height of her career, shortly after her famous ‘peek’ scene in Basic Instinct,” Pera says. “I was removing a drawer from that cabinet and came face to face with a bunch of her most, shall we say, frilly underwear. A lesser man might have taken a longer pause, but my mission was clear and it had nothing to do with the contents of that drawer. I quickly set it aside and kept working, but I’ll never forget it!” 

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