Contractor Vision Summit Launches Under Total Tech Summit

Hosting of top electrical contractors and discrete program of content on their emerging residential opportunities to be added alongside CE Pro, SSI and CI Summits.


AE Ventures has announced an addition to its fast growing Total Tech Summit, a joint collaboration of the CE Pro Summit, Commercial Integrator Summit and, new last year, the Security Sales & Integration Summit.

The new Contractor Vision Summit will host more than 70 leaders of bigger, better, progressive electrical contractors for a program of interactive content on their opportunities in the surging residential market and scheduled engagements with top lighting, electrical, networking, control and AV manufacturers.

The Contractor Vision Summit will stand side-by-side and integrate with established Total Tech events, November 1-3, 2017 in Orlando, Fla.

AE Ventures is assembling a small group of industry leading experts to assist on Contractor Vision content and audience development. The advisory council includes:

  • John Predham, Elite Electrical Enterprises, Pawling, NY
  • Rick Seymour, president, Carpenter Electric, West Palm Beach, FL

“Electrical contractors and their suppliers will benefit greatly from the magic of the AE Ventures hosted event format, which helps business leaders of guest companies envision growth and improved profitability and enhance the vendor and peer relationships they’ll need to help them get there,” says AE Ventures president, John Galante. “With line voltage and low voltage products and work increasingly intersecting in the residential and light commercial markets, there are awesome synergies to be realized by connecting ECs with their peers and suppliers in the custom electronics and security spaces.”

“Demand for interconnected systems is driving security integrators and electrical contractors to expand long-shared synergies in fire/life safety and lighting,” says Scott Goldfine, editor-in-chief, Security Sales & Integration. “The Summit now facilitates deeper knowledge and relationship building to pursue these lucrative new opportunities.”

“Hosting electrical contracting business leaders alongside custom and commercial integrators at Total Tech puts the right people in the room for very unique convergence conversations,” says Tom LeBlanc, editor, Commercial Integrator.

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