CEDIA Tease: EPV Answers Aesthetic Theater Call with ‘Edge-Free’ DarkStar eFinity

Elite Prime Vision, the custom install arm of venerable screen manufacturer Elite Screens, unveils an ultra-thin bezel version of its ambient light rejecting material screen, in 16:9 and 2.40:1 aspect ratios.


With “home theater” being applied to more than just traditional dedicated rooms these days, installers have to be ready to satisfy customers who wish to turn pretty much any room in the house into a big-screen mecca. That means also being ready to adhere to any aesthetic demands and combat any potential room lighting conditions also thrown at them.

Elite Prime Vision (EPV), the dedicated custom install division of Elite Screens, is equally ready to help installers meet such requests as it announces the DarkStar eFinity ALR projection screen is adopting its Edge-Free frame design to complement its ISF-certified ambient light rejecting (ALR) projection material.

The DarkStar eFinity Series is the new flagship line of EPV’s ALR “retro-reflective” home theater screens, which the company will be highlighting during CEDIA 2016 in booth #2100.

The DS9 material achieves this using an advanced retro-reflective, micro-structured optical filter that is capable of a 95 percent rejection rate of in-room ambient light. This results in ISF-certified color balance, the deepest possible black levels, in a full 180-degree viewing angle, according to the company. 

Its near unity 0.9 gain means it can be used with a wide light-output array of home theater projectors, according to EPV.

Aesthetically the product includes a 9mm frame that blends seamlessly in any home décor.

Along with the fashionable bezel design, each screen also includes a variable color and mode LED backlighting kit that allows the screen to serve as a stylish source of environmental mood lighting when not in use.

EPV’s DarkStar eFinity is available with a starting price of $3,998 in a 108- and 124-inch size with a 16:9 HDTV aspect ratio and 158-inch in 2.40:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio formats.

The screen also comes with Elite’s limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.