CEDIA Q&A: TRENDnet Showcases New Wireless Controllers, Controller Kits

TRENDnet’s new wireless controller and kits are designed to simplify network management and setup processes with multiple indoor access points as well as assist with seamless roaming. See the products at CEDIA 2017.


CEDIA 2017 is almost here. This year, the show is taking place in San Diego on Sept. 5-9. In preparation for CEDIA, CE Pro spoke to Rod Finney, sales director, North America, at TRENDnet about what the company has in store for attendees in booth #3848. 

See all of TRENDnet's CEDIA news here. If you're looking to become a dealer, email sales@trendnet.com.

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

TRENDnet is a privately-owned networking and surveillance manufacturer, in business for more than 27 years. We pride ourselves on product quality and customer support.

As a TRENDnet partner, you’ll have direct access to both the pre-sales and post-sales support teams in our corporate office in Southern California. Plus, all partners have a dedicated rep, and there is no project too small to receive support from TRENDnet.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

Many dealers are unaware of the full breadth of our product line. TRENDnet has more than 300 products covering more than a dozen different categories including switches, wireless, surveillance, powerline, PoE, USB and fiber.

Also, many of our dealers have not signed up for our partner program. Joining TRENDnet’s free partner program has many benefits including discounts on products, a 30 percent off quarterly demo program, and direct access to the highest level of pre-sales and technical support.

If a dealer/integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?

At CEDIA, we’ll be showcasing our new wireless controllers and wireless controller kits. Our controller and controller kits are designed to simplify network management and setup processes when working with multiple indoor access points.

Our new controller also assists with seamless roaming; dealers should ask us more about this feature.  

Think of your closest competitor (company or product). What is one thing you offer that they don’t? Please be specific.

We offer a very comprehensive partner program to work with dealers of all sizes, which includes discounts on products and an increased level of sales and tech support. We stand by the quality of our products; TRENDnet business class switches are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Why are you looking forward to CEDIA coming to San Diego for the first time?

TRENDnet has a long history of success in the IT channel, and almost a decade of growth in the security space. While this isn’t our first time at CEDIA, we believe that this show is the best place to introduce our products and solutions to this market.

What 5 hashtags would best describe your CEDIA presence?






Do you have any course offerings at CEDIA?

We do not have any course offerings at CEDIA this year. However, TRENDnet does offer monthly educational webinars for free through our partner program.

Do you have any giveaways, contests or quirky features planned for CEDIA?

We are still finalizing our plans for CEDIA, so dealers should visit TRENDnet at booth #3848 to see our latest offerings.


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