CEDIA Q&A: KanexPro Raises the Bar for HDMI Distribution Amplifiers over CAT5e/6

KanexPro had a busy year. The company released its 1×4 and 1×8 Distribution Amplifiers, HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switchers, 4K Flexible Modular Matrix Switcher, Network AV over IP Extenders and UltraSlim HDMI 2.0 Extenders. See them all at CEDIA 2017.


CEDIA 2017 is almost here. This year, the show is taking place in San Diego on Sept. 5-9. In preparation for CEDIA, CE Pro spoke to Kashyap Khetia, senior product marketing manager, KanexPro, about what the company has in store for attendees in booth #2608. 

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What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

We invite dealers to stop by our booth #2608 at CEDIA 2017 to learn more about our industry-leading line of connectivity solutions for the IT and A/V markets.

KanexPro provides integrators with access to top A/V products that empower the ability to broadcast, extend, split, or multiply HD signal transmissions simply and cost-effectively for any installation environment anywhere in the world.

We have a long history or providing state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for education, business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and even residential. We’ll be showcasing many of our new, groundbreaking solutions at CEDIA 2017 and we invite dealers to visit us and check them out.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

In the past, rarely did we see, or do we see, commercial integrators go into the residential area, but as times continue to change, so does the custom installation industry.

As a leading provider of connectivity solutions for IT and AV market, we’re committed to providing integrators with high-quality video distribution solutions at an affordable price. Although many of our state-of-the-art solutions are designed for education, business, government, entertainment and healthcare, they’re feature-rich design and reasonable price point make them ideal for the residential space, too.

We invite dealers, whether they’re residential or commercial, to visit our booth, even if they’re already familiar with our product line, to learn more about the new products we have available for both markets.

If a dealer/integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?

If a dealer stops by our booth with only five minutes to spare, we invite them to learn more about our HDMI 1×4 and 1×8 Distribution Amplifiers over CAT5e/6.

The HDMI 1×4 Distribution Amplifier (SP-HDCAT1X4) is a one-transmitter-and-four-receiver amplifier set while the HDMI 1×8 Distribution Amplifier (SP-HDCAT1X8) is a one-transmitter-and-eight-receiver amplifier set, both featuring high-definition 1080p/60 HDMI signals and extending up to 394 feet (120 meters).

Raising the bar for standard HDMI connectivity, the HDMI Distribution Amplifiers utilize economical and user-friendly CAT5e/6 cables while the single transmitter inputs the HDMI signal into identical outputs from the provided receivers.

Think of your closest competitor (company or product). What is one thing you offer that they don’t? Please be specific.

Within the last year, we’ve launched many innovative products, including our 1×4 and 1×8 Distribution Amplifiers, HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switchers, 4K Flexible Modular Matrix Switcher, Network AV over IP Extenders and UltraSlim HDMI 2.0 Extenders that provide extensive, versatile solutions at a cost-effective price point.

Cutting-edge technologies and professional features were previously reserved for the few who could afford them. However, something that was a major barrier for smaller markets, such as small government sectors, house of worship centers, education and sports bars, is becoming less of a concern as Ultra HD 4K becomes more affordable and available to everyone. With today’s advancements, affordability does not mean a sacrifice in quality, which is something we focus on at KanexPro.

Why are you looking forward to CEDIA coming to San Diego for the first time?

With CEDIA 2017 in San Diego this year, we’re looking forward to meeting with many of our local dealers as our headquarters are just a couple hours north in Brea, Calif.

San Diego will be a fairly local show for us and plan to have a very strong presence at the show as we highlight the latest in connectivity solutions for both commercial and residential markets.

What 5 hashtags would best describe your CEDIA presence?






Do you have any course offerings at CEDIA?

While we do not have any course offerings at CEDIA 2017, we invite those attending the show to stop by our booth and learn more about the latest in video distribution and our continued innovation in the AV industry.

Do you have any giveaways, contests or quirky features planned for CEDIA?

We’re currently not planning any giveaways, contests or events at CEDIA 2017 but we will certainly have an extensive lineup of innovative technology for attendees to check out!


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