CEDIA Tease: Domotz to License Fing API for IP Device Discovery, Remote Monitoring, Home Automation

CEDIA 2016: With Fing SDK, third-party developers will be able to discover, monitor and perform analytics on networked devices in the home leveraging IP data from 6 million active Fing users. Imagine what Amazon Echo could do with that.


Domotz will be licensing its Fing technology for discovering and monitoring networked devices in the home, with major implications for developers of home automation, remote control, networking and other smart devices.

Domotz already had a rich IP search engine when it acquired Fing a couple months ago. Fing brought to the party a vast database of over 1 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices discovered by millions of users, contributing to an even richer database of networked devices from smart phones to televisions to printers to cameras.

Now third-party developers can exploit that data, as well as related analytics tools, through Domotz’s just-announced Fing SDK, which will be showcased at CEDIA 2016 in September.

“The app’s success is driven by the speed and accuracy of our proprietary scanning technology,” says Domenico Crapanzano, CEO of Domotz and Fing. “Now brands can leverage this powerful technology within their own apps to significantly improve the identification of connected devices.”

Here are some possible use cases dreamed up by yours truly:

  • A home-automation system could auto-discover devices on the network so they can be controlled without manual provisioning.
  • A Samsung television could broadcast its model number to a remote control so the proper IR codes would be used, eliminating the need for programming.
  • A networking system could auto-optimize itself based on what types of devices are in the home and how they are used.
  • A home-technology pro could find out if a customer just bought an IP camera, and then offer to integrate it with other devices.
  • Amazon Echo could auto-discover supported devices, and then tell the user how to control them by voice. Amazon also could track purchasing patterns among tech users and suggest they might like a smart fan with that smart thermostat of theirs.

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Highlights of the Fing SDK:

  • Code libraries for iOS and Android that enable the addition of network search and device discovery functionalities to an existing app. The code includes device discovery using multiple protocols such as NetBIOS, UPNP and Bonjour.
  • Enriched cloud services to qualify device information including type, vendor and eventually model, through machine learning
  • Enriched cloud services for analytics and business intelligence 

The Fing SDK will also leverage the knowledge of Fingpedia, a global crowd-sourced database of connected-devices. Fingpedia is expected to include over 1 billion devices by the end of 2017, according to the company.

A beta version of the Fing SDK will be available in November 2016 through a licensing agreement. Contact fing@domotz.com. 

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