Ewww … ALLie Cam Presents Live 360-Degree Video of Bariatric Surgery on YouTube

The 360-degree video demonstration, brought to you by the ALLie camera from IC Real Tech, is live, interactive, informative and gross.


Ever wanted to catch a bariatric surgery live from all angles? You had your chance a couple of days ago when the surgery was broadcast live on YouTube.

Today, you’ll have to settle for reruns, but it’s still interactive with all 360 degrees of view covered from up, down, left and right thanks to an ALLie dual-lens camera from IC Real Tech planted in the operating room.

If you’re on a computer, drag your mouse around to get every imaginable point of view. With a mobile device, simply tilt the screen to move around the operating. Pinch to zoom right into the guts. For the best experience, try some virtual reality goggles to feel like you’re right there, snipping away at stomachy things.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz of Obesity Control Center in Northern Baja, Mexico, explains how to best enjoy the immersive surgical experience. As he snips, the doctor advises, if you’re viewing from a smartphone, use the YouTube app.

NEXTA YouTube First: ALLie Camera Does Live, 360-degree, Interactive Video Like No One Else

By the way, the spleen is a “highly vascular area that should be treated very, very mildly, as it can bleed profusely,” Dr. Ortiz tells us.

And if you were wondering, the device used to cut and cauterize the innards vibrates over 55,000 times per second.

We jest, but the ALLie cam does provide a useful educational tool.

YouTube implemented ALLie’s immersive-sharing feature allowing the service to broadcast live 360-degree video fully de-warped and stitched, presenting a seamless image with no fisheye distortion.

IC Real Tech CEO Matt Sailor says only ALLie enables this live capability because it processes the video in the camera itself, rather than the cloud, thus mitigating the overhead (and therefore, latency) associated with other 360-degree IP cameras.

In mission-critical applications like live surgeries, split-seconds do matter.

ALLie retails for $499.