, Wi-Charge, and Allegion Team Up to Demo Products at CES 2019

The three companies are collaborating during CES 2019 to showcase how a Schlage smart lock can be integrated into an system thanks to Wi-Charge’s wireless power technology.


Wi-Charge, in conjunction with Allegion, will display its latest smart home solutions at CES 2019. The demonstration will show a prototype evolution of a Schlage smart lock, as part of an smart home security system, utilizing Wi-Charge’s long-range wireless power technology.

The proof of concept will be demonstrated live at the Wi-Charge booth at CES from Jan. 8 – 11, 2019.

“Wi-Charge is collaborating with innovators in the smart home security and automation ecosystem industries to enable the next generation of smart home devices,” says Yuval Boger, CMO, Wi-Charge. “Untethered, wireless power will usher in a new era of devices and use cases for consumers that have previously been limited or restricted by power cables and batteries.”

Companies Combine to Advance Smart Home Tech 

Wi-Charge has set out to improve and simplify the user experience with smart home security devices by investing in innovation and exploring the possibility of integrating their technology into Schlage smart locks and the platform to demonstrate the future of smart home security systems.

Power delivery to smart home devices such as battery-powered smart locks, cameras, and sensors is an issue for manufacturers and consumers alike. The existing choices between the convenience of batteries and the power of wired devices limit the features that can be added by developers and used by consumers.

Consumers are also forced to deal with low battery notifications and battery replacements or find that devices may lack features when not plugged into an AC outlet.

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“We believe that long-range wireless power will unlock innovative new uses for the smart home and business where devices don’t always have easy access to power,” says Steve Chazin, VP of products,

“As a leader in the space, we are continually developing innovative technology that we believe facilitates adoption and improves the ownership experience of connected property solutions. The demonstration with Wi-Charge and Allegion is a significant milestone for the connected device industry as a whole, and can open up a world of possibilities for our service provider partners and subscribers.”

The combined solution shows advancement in the future of smart home technology by offering consumers a smart home ecosystem powered by wireless technology.

“At Allegion, we are always listening to customer feedback and exploring new ways to improve their experience as well as grow our smart home portfolio,” says Scott Baxter, head of innovation and advanced development at Allegion.

“For more than 95 years, Schlage has been creating innovative door hardware designed to make everyday life easier, which is why Allegion is excited about the opportunity to support the future of technology and advance the smart home experience alongside Wi-Charge and”