$5,495 Cary Audio Phono Preamplifier Boosts Vinyl Performance

Cary Audio combines two trending categories—high-end audio processing and vinyl—into one device.


Home audio has for years been focused on speakers and streaming solutions but gaining steam in the category are high-end processors/preamplifiers and turntables. Figures compiled recently by CE Pro for its 2019 Brand Analysis indicate healthy growth in both sectors, and market studies show a vinyl continues to be a popular music choice across multiple generations.

Even with the revival of vinyl, consumers are concentrating on quality and are demanding products that can enhance their listening experiences.

Here’s where a phono preamp can be your best friend, appealing to a burgeoning category of music listeners who want to take their vinyl listening experience to the next level. The signal coming out of a cartridge on a turntable is about 1,000 times lower than the signal coming from a CD player or a streaming device.

In order to hear music from vinyl through speakers or stereo system the signal needs to be boosted – via a phono preamp.

Offering a solution is that appeals to both audiophiles and the general music public is high-performance audio manufacturer Cary Audio. Its recent introduction of the VT-500 vacuum tube stereo phono preamplifier is dedicated to the playback of vinyl.

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The VT-500 utilizing four (4) 6SL7 dual triode tubes. The RIAA equalization curve is derived from a passive RC circuit located between the two gain stages. It uses a fully regulated power supply housed in a large separate heavy-duty external power supply chassis ensuring extremely quiet operation.

The MC section uses two high-quality step-up transformers providing enough gain for use with any MC cartridge with a very low noise floor.

The VT-500 offers inputs and selectable loading to match almost any moving-magnet or moving-coil phono cartridge. This will optimize the response to best match your cartridge.

Vinyl enthusiasts can use the VT-500 to take their music listening up a notch. It produces subtle shadings and exciting dynamic contrasts on all types of music.

The VT-500 has a list price of $5,495 and is now shipping. 

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