Winning with Power Management: Equipment Selection, Workflow Integration & Future Technologies

Download this previously Live CEPro Webcast to learn about power management, brought to you by CEPro and sponsored by Core Brands, Panamax/Furman.


Remote access to power management devices is becoming commonplace, but what are some tips to incorporate it into an efficient service department. Also, what will DC power distribution and solar mean for choosing the right equipment? 
Power management systems have become a staple for most home technology projects to protect everything from home theaters to security systems. But incorporating remote access management into your service department can be a headache. Also, new technologies like DC power distribution and solar panels can change your choice of surge suppression products.
In this fast-paced one-hour FREE CE Pro wecast sponsored by Core Brands, Panamax/Furman, integrators will learn:

  1. Why to use power management? Understanding the top three benefits for end users and integrators – protection, performance, and remote management
  2. How to select the right power management component for your system: Rules of thumb for choosing the right component based on budget, system needs, and application
  3. How to integrate remote power management into your workflow: Tips on how to use remote power management to reduce service calls, increase productivity, and generate RMR (recurring monthly revenue)
  4. Looking ahead: building for the future: Will emerging technologies in DC power distribution, solar power, energy management change the way we build systems? What you need to know.

This webcast will be valuable to new technicians to veteran project managers and company owners as they stay abreast of the latest developments in this rapidly growing and profitable category.