Media Solutions Tester is Ready for HDBaseT over IP

ISE 2017: Modular handheld HBaseT tester, with built-in HDMI pattern generator is ready for any future generation of the spec.


Valens Semiconductor, the creator of HDBaseT technology, has announced support for 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 video, and has plans to deliver HDBaseT over IP.

But it does't really matter what the future of HDBaseT holds … Media Solutions (M-Solutions) will be ready for it. The Israeli-based company has an HDBaseT testing system, the  MS-TestPro, that is modular, so when new versions of HDBaseT come out, the integrator just needs to swap out a module in the handheld device.

The unit provides a wealth of information on HDBaseT signals, both from the transmitter and receiver end, but it also is simple enough to use for novices, with colored LEDs to indicate signal integrity. 

At around $1,500, the product appears to be the least expensive HDBaseT tester on the market (by far). 

The company is demonstrating its product at ISE 2017.