Inside Luxul’s CEDIA 2016 Booth: Next Gen Routers with Roam Assist Technology

CEDIA 2016: Luxul’s next generation of routers include the XWR-3100, which incorporates its Roam Assist Technology.


Integrators visiting CEDIA 2016 were able to take a look at Luxul's next generation router series, including the XWR-3100 which Luxul says is “more than just a wireless router.”

The router encorporates Luxul's Roam Assist technology which allows for simple integration of up to two additional access points without compromising signal quality or dropping off when a client device transitions between access points.

Luxul says the XWR-3100 is a great solution for homes or small businesses that need broader coverage than a single router or access point can handle, and is specifically designed for pro installers.

Hear more from Luxul right from the CEDIA show floor in the video booth tour above.