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WilsonPro 5G Cellular Amp Available for Pre-Order

The new WilsonPro Pro 710i 5G cellular amplifier is now available to dealers as a pre-order solution for the upcoming nationwide 5G rollout.


Supporting the next-generation wireless 5G format, the new WilsonPro 5G Pro 710i cellular amplifier is now available for pre-order.

WilsonPro says the telecommunication industry has been building the infrastructure to implement 5G-based networks for several years. Data for 5G communications will use Band 71 (600MHz), and WilsonPro says its Pro 710i is engineered to boost signals using this bandwidth to ensure connectivity in a range of building environments.

“5G is poised to transform the wireless industry as we know it, with the potential to connect more people than ever before,” states Bruce Lancaster, CEO, Wilson Electronics.

“But 5G signals will struggle to penetrate buildings, just as 4G signals struggle today, so cellular signal amplifiers will be the only way to make 5G accessible to the majority of users. Wilson Electronics has always been at the forefront of wireless technology innovation, and the upcoming release of the Pro 710i will allow large commercial buildings to take advantage of 5G’s rapid download speeds, enhanced connectivity and responsiveness for the first time.”

WilsonPro Ensures 5G Delivers on its Promise

According to the Salt Lake City-based cellular signal booster manufacturer, 5G network technologies have been highly anticipated by industries such as Internet of Things (IoT), public safety, retail and education for a number of years.

The introduction of the WilsonPro Pro 710i and its single, indoor antenna port provides +23dBm of downlink power and WilsonPro says that its latest cell-phone signal amplifier is capable of covering up to 100,000-square feet of space.

WilsonPro notes that integrators can employ the Pro 710i as a standalone solution to support the launch of 5G services on Band 71 by carriers such as T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. The Pro 710i can also be used to run in parallel with other WilsonPro cellular amplifier systems to augment existing systems.

The WilsonPro Pro 710i cellular amplifier is certified under FCC Part 20 Industrial Cellular Amplifier Rules. WilsonPro emphasizes applicable carrier approval is required for use, but unlike other 5G commercial cellular amplifiers, the Pro 710i does not require permission from every carrier before installation. The Pro 710i only needs registration and approval by any carrier utilizing Band 71 in the area of installation.

In addition, WilsonPro notes that like its other products, the Pro 710i incorporates its Extended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology that automatically adjusts to outdoor signal quality to eliminate signal overload or shutdown.

The WilsonPro 5G Pro 710i cellular amplifier will be made available for purchase publicly during the summer of 2020, and it is backed with a three-year warranty.

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