CEDIA Q&A: SureCall Displays Force7 Cellular and Wi-Fi Combo Signal Booster

SureCall’s Force7 is the first ever cellular and Wi-Fi combo signal booster for industrial, large residential and small building spaces. See it at CEDIA 2016.


CEDIA 2016 is coming to Dallas on September 13-17. CE Pro spoke to Frankie Smith, director of sales, consumer division, at SureCall, about the company's plans for the show and what to expect in booth #6808.

For those looking to become a dealer, call (888) 365-6283, email sales@surecall.com or visit www.surecall.com/BecomeanInstaller.aspx.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

Developing innovative and performance leading products is what SureCall has been known for. As that continues, over the past year we have invested in marketing and training resources to help the sales and installation process come full circle for our dealers and installers. It does not matter how great your product performs if no one knows about it or understands how to install it.

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

Offering SureCall cell phone signal boosters to your product offering is a great way to increase your bottom line while providing a solution for the frustrating problem of not being able to use your phone inside because of weak signal.

A few of our focuses here at SureCall are to provide performance leading cell phone signal booster products and exceptional support and training to dealers so they can successfully propose and install SureCall systems in their customers’ homes or offices.       

If an integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?

The integrator should examine the Fusion5X. This new SureCall cell phone signal booster kit is a workhorse in the large residential and small building space providing up to 20,000 square feet of improved cellular coverage for all carriers.

The kit is packaged with everything the integrator needs including four internal antennas, so it can be customized to work in a variety of houses and buildings of different shapes, sizes and floor levels.

What’s your most memorable CEDIA moment?

2015 was the first year SureCall exhibited at CEDIA. The overwhelming positive responses and feedback that we received from everyone that visited our booth was amazing. There were always attendees at our booth and sometimes even two or three people deep!

For Consumers: the Fusion7

SureCall says the Force7 is the world's first Wi-Fi + HDTV + cellular booster, and the only “commercial-grade” product boosting coverage up to 80,000 square feet.  

The only other Wi-Fi + HDTV + cellular booster, according to SureCall, is the Fusion7, a “consumer grade” product boosting coverage up to 20,000 square feet. 

SureCall Fusion7

Course Offerings at CEDIA:

Installer Certification Training

Friday September 16th at 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. at the Dallas Omni Hotel, Trinity Ballroom 3.

Saturday Sept 17th at 1:00 – 2:30 pm at the Convention Center, C141.

Do you have any giveaways, contests or quirky features planned for CEDIA?

We are giving away beer and wine at our booth during Happy Hour on Thursday and Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Think of your closest competitor. What is one thing you do offer that they don’t?

SureCall offers the Sentry remote monitoring device that is able to remotely control the signal booster’s performance.

Also, earlier this year we announced the Force7, the first ever cellular / Wi-Fi combo signal booster for industrial applications. We have another ground-breaking product announcement coming up at CEDIA.

All of these are a testament that SureCall is the innovation leader and the most integrator-friendly in the cell phone signal booster industry.