14 Wiring Fails That Will Churn Your Stomach

These 14 wiring jobs might leave you with a migraine. Click through the slideshow if you dare!

14 Wiring Fails That Will Churn Your Stomach

Ever feel like this guy on a takeover job? Scope out the slideshow to see just how bad a jumble of cables can look.

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Custom installers are no stranger to wiring horror stories, and that's because, all too often, homeowners think they can handle the setup and cable management of their home. In fact, there's a whole subreddit dedicated to showing off these horrible hack jobs. Even Picasso couldn't find art in these messes! 

Why would homeowners think they can handle wiring? Well, some are just the industrious, do-it-yourself type that looks at their home as a project. Others are self-proclaimed “tech experts” who initially wonder, “Well, how hard can it be to connect some wires throughout my basement? I mean, I'm the person all the people in the office look towards for technology advice.” 

Then there are the patch jobs done by your local A/V Trunkslammer who takes a job, and through a lack of knowledge and laziness creates a rack that looks more like a bird's nest than a piece of equipment. Some of these may have ended up as takeover jobs for your custom integration company!

The truth of the matter is: Good wiring sets up the whole house for a better user experience. Residential integrators know shoddy A/V wiring and inconsiderate cabling isn’t limited to the residential world, either. Our sister site, Commercial Integrator, published its own version of the most chilling A/V cabling messes in the commercial market. 

Whatever the scenario, a lot can be learned by examining these photographs. While it's a whole lot easier to leave a messy but otherwise functional rack alone, a certain amount of perfection and personal pride should come into play for a reputable integrator. 

No matter what, pointing out these nests of cables and wire is sad, scary and a little bit fun. Thanks to the contributors over on Reddit for sharing these every-day monstrosities they've come across while on the job.

Check out the slideshow to see them for yourself.