5G and the Need for Cellphone Signal Boosters—Do You Know Enough?

Your clients are eager for faster speeds and better connectivity promised by 5G cellular networks. Take our quiz to find out if you know enough about cellphone signal boosters to capitalize on this new technology.


If your clients have contacted you to add smart home technology to their home, they likely own a cellphone. After all, it’s become the defacto device for controlling everything from lamps and toaster ovens to complete automation and security systems. At its core, however, the cellphone is used for communication–to send and receive phone calls, text messages, and emails.

A solid Wi-Fi network is necessary for phone-based control over home devices, and you’ve probably mastered that. But have you provided your clients with solutions that ensure trouble-free cell-based communications? Have you educated them for the impending deployment of 5G?

If not, it’s time you did. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, it’s a matter that deserves attention.

More than 72 percent of cell owners surveyed said they experience dropped calls at least occasionally, and 32 percent reported that they encounter this problem at least a few times a week. Add this to the fact that 77 percent of cell Internet users said they experience slow download speeds that prevent things from loading as quickly as you like, and you’ve got a base of customers who would benefit immensely from a cellphone signal booster.

These products are not DIY, as they require careful placement and configuration to deliver a strong, reliable connection to a cell tower.

Are you knowledgeable enough to install a cellphone signal booster? Take this quiz to find out. To learn more about the intricacies of cellphone signal boosters, join CEPro and SureCall on Wednesday, May 9 at p.m. EDT for a 20- to 30-minute video webcast.