Direction-Setting Transportation Tech at CES 2018 … in Tweets

A roundup of CES 2018 day 3 tweets that mirror the most intriguing and literally direction-setting technologies: these tweets focus on the future of transportation technology.

Amanda Nichols
Direction-Setting Transportation Tech at CES 2018 … in Tweets

In yesterday's coverage of CES 2018 Day 2, I mentioned IBM’s Olli, and it’s felt like it’s only a matter of days before self-driving cars are out on the road. But what about other types of transportation? There were a few options worth checking out this year during CES 2018 Day 3. 

Hoping for more of a “flying, driverless car” experience, a la The Jetsons? Look no further than the Volocopter, presented as a driverless, flying taxi, or the Aereos Urban Air Taxi. Both are self-driving (piloting?) helicopters. Exactly how that would work in urban areas with airspace already congested remains to be seen.


Interested in keeping your feet a littler closer to the ground? Take a spin on the Virgin Hyperloop One (yes, that Hyperloop), which is being developed (or Develooped, as they call it) just outside of Las Vegas right now. This is a tube-based transit system that can travel up to 240 miles an hour in a pressurized cabin similar to an airplane.


If you’ve always wanted to get yourself a scooter, but wanted to wait until there was something a little greener, check out Ujet’s electric scooter. It charges up in any socket in under 2 hours and folds up for easy storage, no garage needed. It scooter itself is customizable and can travel up to 93 miles on a single charge.


Want to get a workout while you commute? Check out See.Sense’s smart bike light that analyzes ‘hot spot’ areas for near-miss cycling accidents. On top if the AI features, the light itself is rechargeable and has a sensor that reacts to ambient light (so tunnels won’t make you invisible anymore).


All that commuting is tiring, so perhaps the final commute is to your bed, with where Sleep IQ helps make sure you get better sleep for your next adventure!