Monitor Audio Expands Commercial Entry Range with Trimless Models

The PRO-IC Trimless Series in-ceiling designs are developed to carry the brand’s proven audio performance to every room within homes and commercial properties more discreetly and cost-effectively than ever. See them at CEDIA 2016.


Great sound, quality and impeccable flush-fitting lifts the new PRO-IC line-up to a higher entry level.

The desire among homeowners for the luxury of discreet distributed sound in every room is fueling the demand for bigger performance from greater numbers of smaller flush-mounted speakers.

Priced for volume deployment but equipped with world- class audio engineering and sound quality, Monitor Audio’s new PRO-IC Trimless in-ceiling designs are developed to carry the brand’s proven audio performance to every room within homes and commercial properties more discreetly and cost-effectively than ever.

The line-up comprises two stealthy 61/2” and 8” 2-way in-ceiling models: the PRO-65 and the PRO-80, together with the PRO-80LV, an 8” 70/100V line speaker.

PRO-65 and PRO-80

The PRO-65 and PRO-80 are priced for entry-level but their material and design sophistication is of a higher order, meeting Monitor Audio’s world-famous quality standards. Their optimised driver systems feature the brand’s trusted MM®II cone bass units co-axially aligned with a 1” (25mm) pivoting fabric dome tweeter, which can be directed for maximum clarity.

The new PRO-IC designs connect through gold-plated push terminals and install easily via robust and reliable dogleg fixings, which are covered by a magnetic trimless grille for heightened convenience and beautiful flush-fitted concealment.


Joining the PRO-65 and PRO-80 in the expanded PRO-IC range, the new PRO-80LV 70/100V line speaker offers similarly stealthy but highly flexible system options for commercial installations.

Reprising many of Monitor Audio’s most acclaimed hi fi design configurations, its 8” MMP II bass driver and signature 1” gold-dome tweeter deliver high audio quality with excellent speech intelligibility for public address and distributed music applications.

The PRO-80LV features an internal matching transformer, providing a 70V or 100V input for powering multiple speakers on a single amplifier channel. A 16 ohm switch position offers the flexibility to wire one, two, three or four speakers in parallel per channel. Power taps allow system designers to set maximum SPL in areas such as restrooms and foyers.

Building regulations are satisfied by the PRO-80LV’s fireproof steel back box and secure anchor points while a plug-type connection block ensures easy and reliable system integration with a link out option for ‘daisy chain’ wiring.

Combining installation versatility with Monitor Audio’s robust build quality and hi-fi clarity, the slender new PRO-80LV offers the added advantage of trimless aesthetics for an optimum blend of design, performance and value.

Key Features

PRO-65 and PRO-80

  • MMP II cone drivers optimised for open back installation
  • Pivoting 25mm fabric dome tweeter
  • Trimless grille with magnetic fixings
  • Reliable dogleg fixings
  • Gold-plated push terminals
  • Pre-construction brackets to fit both models 


  • 8” MMP II polymer cone driver
  • 25mm Gold C-CAM dome tweeter, coaxially mounted
  • 70/100V line, 16 ohm switching and power level taps at 4, 8, 16 and 32W offer many system design options
  • Fireproof steel rear can
  • ‘Easy-fit’ connection block provides link-out for ‘daisy chain’ connection
  • Anchor point fixings meet building and safety regulations for commercial applications
  • Low profile design and trimless grille
  • Certified to UL1480 and UL2043
  • Applications: Office complex, PA, multi-speaker background music applications such as for shopping areas
  • Pre-construction bracket available at launch