Ways to Boost Profits Selling High Performance Audio

Profiles of three Custom Integrators who successfully transformed their business selling high performance, high end audio.

Every business owner seeks their next “light bulb moment”, that great new idea that will help grow their business and increase profit.  But taking that idea and putting it into action can be difficult.   

“Ways to Boost Profits Selling High Performance Audio” presents the transformations of three custom integrators who took their ideas for selling audio and turned it into a profitable reality:  

Stereo Barn – Doubled its profits in less than two years, with the lion’s share of that growth coming from increased audio sales.
Spire Integrated Systems – Transformed itself into a luxury lifestyle company selling high performance audio systems in 90 percent of its larger projects.
Definitive Electronics –  Generated purchase commitments for six-figures-worth of loudspeakers right in its showroom.

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Ways to Boost Profits Selling High Performance Audio
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