Ultimate Guide to Front Projectors 2009

The heart of the home theater—the front projector category—is doing its part to build the custom installation industry’s client base. This year’s “Ultimate Guide to Front Projectors” includes a $185,000 model from Meridian as well as a $1,295 model from Sanyo. That’s a broad range.

An influx of quality front projectors with sub-$5,000 MSRPs can only be a good thing for CE pros. A consumer might not consider himself a “custom” client, but once he finds that he can afford a quality projector, he suddenly has the nucleus of a home theater. A custom client is born.

“Looking back a few years ago, you could not purchase a 1080p front projector for less than $5,000, and now the market is flooded with them,” says Sean McBride, product marketing manager, display for Sharp Electronics.

See those products and more in this year’s “Ultimate Guide to Front Projectors”.

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