Tackling Multi-Zoned AV Installations with HDBaseT

Consider this residential installation opportunity, your client approaches you and explains that he is renovating a large historic home and desires to have 16 zones of audio and video throughout the home.

The first thought that pops into your mind involves a dollar sign and then some excitement, but once that rush of anticipation fades the reality sets in that this could be a tough job and its needs to be done right.

To do this job right you will need to consider the challenges that this type of installation will impose. You will need to distribute signals beyond the distance limitations of conventional HDMI cabling. You will likely also run into displays of different resolutions, conflicting audio formats between zones, wiring challenges incumbent to a historic project and of course room aesthetics.

Discover matrix switch, cable, and distribution solutions for large residential installations, as well as how HDBaseT works to pull it all together.

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