6 New (And Successful) CE Business Models to Reach Millennials

Targeting Millennials? Here’s how 6 dealers disrupted their status quo to do just that!

The custom integration industry is full of companies that stick to their tried-and-true operations and sales methods. But are you adapting to attract Millennial customers? Have you added any niche products or systems that can help differentiate your business from the competition? Do you know what SEO means? 

If you’re an integrator looking to boost business a bit, enhance your customer experience or work with some exciting hot new products, then we have a story for you…actually six.  

This special report features six “real world” CE Pros who enacted some sort of change — whether it be implemented service contracts for recurring revenue, immersing in new products or product categories, or embracing the power of the Internet — to evolve their business for today’s changing customers.

These six stories just might give you ideas on how to get ready to shift your business model for the years ahead. Get your free copy!

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